What our clients say

I have continued to come to Dr. Farhadi for everything. Wether it be medical or cosmetic. He treats my IBS and lasers off my tattoo. You will never find a doctor like this anywhere! I love him and Cynthia so much! So blessed to have such a good doctor!

N. F

Los Angeles, CA

Can't say enough about Dr. Fahadi! I've seeing him for almost 6 months and absolutely have loved everything he's done. He's extremely conservative and always gives you his honest opinion - his first choice is always the natural look. But will listen  and will do what the client wants. His front office team is fantastic in explaining and answering any questions.


Irvine, CA

My family has been going to Dr. Farhadi for years and we appreciate him. Cynthia is always very accommodating when we have concerns. Doctor has helped with high blood pressure, removing a planters wart, acne and the scars that come with it, weight loss, wrinkles, flu shots, and especially when we are sick.  Very comforting office. Thank you Dr. Farhadi and Cynthia. You're the best!


Long Beach, CA

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He (and Cynthia!) are amazing. They are HONEST and will not do treatments 'cuz of my "Warped Self-esteem" and neediness. He's Safe and Cares about the Basics.
Love his Smile!
Keeps me Naturally-looking beautiful.


Long Beach, CA

I come here to get beautiful. Dr Farhadi is really nice, really honest person.  I trust him in that sense.  Great prices on beauty treatments. He may not on the other hand, be the most artistic if you are really picky. Very few doctors do have a strong artistic flair for a woman's highly sensitive and highly particular demands.  If you're particular though, he will take guidance on what you need, and either accommodate or advice. He cares more about being safe and what is best for you at the best value. He DEFINITELY is the best priced in the area.  I have recommended a lot of girls and 1 guy here.   I've been visiting here and there for 5 years. You will love him.


Long Beach, CA

Dr. Farhadi and Cynthia ROCK! Looking at other Reviews, all are true!
Best prices in Town, and he truly cares.....is on top of all New Treatments, and will never "sell" you more than you need.....very rare!
Have been a Patient for years......cannot say enough about him, and also could NOT do w/ out Cynthia......


Long Beach, CA

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