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Weight Management
Weight Management
HCG Diet (Call for pricing)

One effective way of helping our clients lose weight is through the process of HCG shots. Our HCG shots come from a reputable pharmaceutical, so the clients know that they are getting quality HCG shots that are effective in losing unwanted weight.

Lipo Injections $15
LIPO-B injection as part of a nutrition-oriented weight management plan increase your metabolism. Lipotronic nutrients are compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism. They help promote the flow of fat & bile to and from the liver.

Diet Pills $25 a week
We have been using appetite suppressants safely and successfully for many years to help patients lose weight. And while new weight loss medications have been brought to the market over the past year, we have taken a cautious approach. We have found that the standard, long studied, appetite suppressants work well for the vast majority of patients.

B12 Injections $10
Vitamin B-12 is a vitamin that is involved in many different metabolic processes. Many of the processes involved are chemical reactions that are burning the food that we eat to create the energy that we’re going to use. Vitamin B-12 has developed the nickname as the energy vitamin. A lot of people and weight loss clinics use Vitamin B-12 because it’s involved in these processes and metabolism, and it’s suggested that B-12 boosts the metabolism.

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